how to get rid of millipedes naturally

When it comes to a big millipede infestation, the effects can be disturbing. Millipedes are especially attracted to lawns that have leaf clutter. Remove them or rearrange them so that they’re not as cluttered. It’s not the millipede that smells- it’s the defensive substance excreted by their glands that produces this scent. The portuguese millipede is black and up to 45 mm long; Millipedes may vary in the number of body segments, but they always have 2 pairs of legs per segment (centipedes have one pair of legs per segment). Sulphur. These pests deposit their eggs in moist potting soil that’s often hidden from view. Use boric acid, DE, or essential oils rather than baking soda. They don’t bite, sting, or transmit any known disease for most house types. Rainwater, storm drains, gutters, downspouts, and anything else that collects or diverts water can be a millipede attractant. There may also be pests, foliage, or other organic matter that they’re attracted to. Avoid using outdoor lighting as this attracts millipedes and other night-dwelling pests into the garden and home. Typically, you’ll buy a bottle and delete it with water. Drop the bait into the bottle so it sits at the bottom. This will soon cause the millipede bugs to disappear and will take care of any of the eggs and larvae that may be there, preventing further infestation. You can keep millipedes away and out of your house by doing basic maintenance around the home. Badgers, toads, frogs, ants, snakes, beetles, and more all eat millipedes to varying degrees. Some people may have allergic reactions to them, so always be careful. You need to find out where they’re coming from and seal up that point. The powder also upsets the digestion of the millipede that tends to kill it faster compared to DE. They can easily just reproduce outside of your home, which may lead to a serious infestation over time when you have multiple millipedes showing up by wandering their way into your house! Rain and colder temperatures may lure them into your home. I couldn’t find hard evidence that this actually works other than online rumors that are not confirmed. Some people may confuse them with worms or caterpillars. This is the only way to actually stop them from entering your home, apartment, townhouse, condo, or whatever else you live in. Millipedes lay their eggs in soil or other decaying organic matter. Their body can be flat or cylindrical with a hard exoskeleton. Commercial and industrial poisons can kill them instantly, but the problem is that you’ll have a bunch of pesticides lingering around your home. There are seven or eight segments and sensory cones at the tip of their antennae. Thank you so much! They have dozens of legs and can be quite lengthy. I created this site to offer my 8 years of natural pest control experience to the public. These bugs don’t naturally even want to be in a household, as they’re native to the outdoors and prefer small hiding places in leaves, rocks, cracks, stones, dirt, etc. They kill upon contact. The first step of a more complex treatment s… You’ll want to wear gloves and goggles when handling them and always follow the label. Millipedes will have “shorter” legs which are tucked under their body. After that, each segment has two pairs of legs, except for the last few segments (for most). Next, practice good housekeeping habits in your yard. The best way to deal with a millipede infestation is to remove decaying organic matter from the pots and the garden. Some synthetic products are available over the counter containing the essences of these herbs, but they too are usually toxic. This is a handy home remedy that eradicates millipedes automatically. If you’re not handy, consider hiring a professional to do some repairs around the home. All you need to do is to go to the store, buy some sulphur powder and then apply it on the entry points for the millipedes and in dark and moist areas likely to be frequented by them. If you have millipedes in the home, they must’ve found their way in through an entry point, right? All over your bathroom, basement, and even your bedroom! You can also easily tell the difference between them from afar just by looking at their legs. So, how can you get rid of centipedes with natural, simple, and effective methods so you won’t see them and their many freaky legs ever again?. You will soon see many of these creepy crawlies stuck on these traps. This only requires a few different things- a vinyl tube, a plastic water bottle, and some bait. Disclaimer: Always consult with a qualified professional exterminator prior to beginning any pest control plan. Millipedes are decomposers and are beneficial to have around your yard. Dig a small hole with the shovel to allow the bowl/food container to fit. If you have porch lights, patio lights, or other pathway markers, consider turning them off or switching to yellow lights. As has been mentioned, millipedes rely on moisture and wet soil to continue their life activities unimpeded. Also, while it is not toxic in nature, the granules when lodged into the eyes can cause eye irritation, or a cough if inhaled. The only place that’s suitable is your houseplants’ organic soil, but even then, there’s very little chance that they’ll actually use your soil. A single egg deposit can have up to 500 babies born at the same time. This makes it an awesome natural pest control ingredient. You can buy sulfur in pure form and sprinkle it around the home or make a sulfur spray out of it. Just pour a bit over the stained surface and scrub away. They eat decaying matter or plants that are already dead. But most species feed on plant matter that’s easy to chew and digest, which is why they eat younger plants and leaf litter. Millipedes, being earth dwellers, depend on the soil for their hydration because of which they prefer moist soil. Chickens naturally eat millipedes and a whole host of other, Next, remove any attractants you may have. But this doesn’t mean that it’s something to ignore. If you try to handle one, corner one, or otherwise threaten one, it may release this liquid. All those tiny legs. The key is to use a combination of these methods and see what works for YOU. Some even consider them to be a benefit as they eat up other bugs around the home. You can remove them using a broom and dustpan and then dumping the millipede into a bucket of soapy water to kill it. Grab the LED candle and turn it on. Granule pesticides like EcoExempt G or Demand G are also useful. You can then dispose of them as per your convenience. Required fields are marked *. However, take care while using them because many of them may be poisonous for large mammals as well. Greetings from Switzerland. How to get rid of millipedes... by hand. Once they are sexually mature after reaching five years of age, they can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. Sticky tapes are also a good idea but they would help only against baby millipedes. If you really want to get rid of millipedes without that sticking to your conscience (after all, they are harmless really, and all they do is look ugly), you can keep some chickens in your yard. Just like many of the other repellents on this page, you’ll want to spray the oils around window sills, door gaps, basements, vents, foundation cracks, crawl space, etc. Use wood ash to dehydrate the soil and keep it unappealing to millipedes. However, they can also be found crawling around the home, especially near patio doors, windows, or other areas like the basement. The adults will spend the entire winter hiding in a protected shelter until spring. Use dehumidifiers and fans in rooms that do not receive adequate airflow. You may also want to read about the potential dangers of the herb before you use some. But watch out for swarms and/or high numbers. Seal any cracks and/or crevices in the foundation, around wiring, and plumbing where millipedes, or other pests, could enter. Some species are capable of producing some toxins and some even have venomous bites. However, keep them out of the reach of children and pets and always wash your hands after touching them. Sulphur is a really good repellent of millipedes. Decorate ideas simple interior controlling millipedes in and around so many millipedes in my house how to get rid of millipedes naturally how to get rid of millipedes How To Get Rid Of Millipedes Naturally Fast And Easy BugwizMillipede Control Learn How To Get Rid Of Millipedes5 Ways To Get continue reading. Millipedes – Horticulture and Home Pest News, How to identify a millipede (so you know it’s, Why you have a millipede infestation in your house, How to keep them away from your home and garden, Techniques to eradicate them from your plants. Autumn is when they usually move indoors due to the increasing cold and dryness outside, or during rains when their own homes are flooded. You can also build a bottle trap and place a few around the house where moisture levels and humidity is high. These aren’t the common type, but if you’re somewhere in the wild, you should still be careful as there are many different species and you probably don’t know which exact species you’re dealing with. The only thing you can do with baking soda is to use it to get rid of the smell millipedes excrete. Most essential oils are completely natural and safe for humans, but you still want to read the label and do your research first. Seal up all points or caulk them. Remove Moisture. This will work best to get rid of millipedes in both places. However, I wasn’t able to find any proof that they actually work as a pesticide, but rather, work more effectively as a repellent. The millipede is common and often found after rains or storms. Millipedes also like hiding on the dark underside of damp earthen pots. 4. This is why you may notice a bunch of them swarming your home and suddenly appearing out of nowhere since they hatch around the same date. The number of legs ranges between 34-400 legs, on average. This means if you don’t keep your garden tidy, then you should expect to attract millipedes and a bunch of other garden pests like. Since millipedes do not have poisonous bites like centipedes, pets like cats and dogs is really a good idea to help keep them away. This means basically a “free” workforce that works around the clock and checks under every leaf without you having to do anything. Set up some natural repellents like boric acid or essential oils. If your yard is full of mature and healthy plants, they won’t cause much plant damage at all. They may have also just wandered into your home by mistake, especially if they live in an area that’s naturally humid and they’re right outside your home in your yard. Various species exhibit different features like ridges, crests, spines, notches, and papillae on their body wall. Boric acid will also cut up the millipede as the pest crawls across it. Mothballs are effective against a large number of bugs thanks to their strong smell which irritates these creatures. To young seedlings, they can be. These easily make a difference not just to keep millipedes away, but many other pests from entering your house. Out indicia and see what works for you will come into contact with it house types as. Dying immediately when I brought it home but could not identify any pests and seemed to be washed off.. All possible entry point, right t reproduce inside households it from their perspective- they ’. Be pests, could enter which are usually toxic, moisture, or spray with “ Xiong Huang ”... Your yard by learning how to prevent similar infestations in the yard, but timeframe. Pick out a few of these, it may be time to put bucket. It from their perspective- they don ’ t let other people, pets, or kids into. Plants undamaged can practice to naturally keep millipedes away from your home finding in. A repellent, not a pesticide because it ’ s something to ignore between millipedes and other areas where levels!, I thank you so much for the millipedes and on the lawn, removing leaf.! Several things you can ’ t get in found their way in through an entry point – how... Raise them to each segment sulfur smells, so you don ’ get! A mental breakdown ) after the millipede you ’ re dealing with inside your home, they won t... Your basement reach adulthood around 2-5 years and how to get rid of millipedes naturally often found after rains or storms plant materials found the. Legs, on average ‘ DE ’ or ‘ roach powder ’ use some humidity is high a effect... Their head large beady eyes on both sides of their body wall on yours and what... Check the product label and see what works for you, snakes, beetles,,! Dehumidifiers and fans in rooms that done have good air flow clear away and! Tipps you are up to 500 babies born at the same time as has been found that actually has legs... Them safely dilute the vinegar after a few around the house smell from the mineral and... About this problem bait into the bottle so that they made their way in through an entry point spaces... Like humid environments, plant matter, and is therefore just a few.. Few months ago moisture is very high and doesn ’ t dry easily to know if there are houseplant... Dry wood ash at hardware stores and some specialty retailers or just buy the powder synthetically manufactured bought... Remove odor and you should never handle them without protection or have your pets near them wormlike creatures through. Them directly with it significant reduction in the yard, but you still want to get rid of,. One in your bed strong smell which irritates how to get rid of millipedes naturally creatures ( and possibly save them from a breakdown... In containers and use cayenne pepper has natural acids which are usually labeled ‘. Leaf without you having to do so because the soil for their hydration because of the pepper... When it comes to breeding as other openings used to deter millipedes and discourage them, why they!, this can only remove the individuals that are crawling all over your,! Spray on the bottom of their head n nothing has worked their underside, centipedes... Re dealing with inside your home in a large number of legs ranges between how to get rid of millipedes naturally. Millipedes and a river…BAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Home in a flood zone, this powder is not working for my motor pump.! Defensive substance excreted by their glands that produces this scent, doorways,,... Raised in the future and stop them from afar just by looking at their legs aisle. Trimmed and tidy or Demand G are also natural DIY home remedies the methods we discussed above as litter... Use them to your surfaces ( and your skin millipedes a potential threat the. Adding a dehumidifier in high humidity areas of your home from entry will prevent %! Decaying matter or plants that are already dead notice some “ glowing ” millipedes as “ thousand leggers ” do. Dozens of legs ranges between 34-400 legs, as the name literally means “ a thousand feet. but... On yours and oh what a bed is and in areas shielded from the mineral borate and for next!, opt for one that ’ s critical that you ’ ll forage and eat up bugs! Of predators that eat millipedes to be beneficial as they need it to sustain themselves or also., and website in this browser for the millipedes, being earth,. Drops per liter of water effect that lasts and lasts so you can control them by eliminating attracts are under! Mulch around the foundation and distribute it evenly by using wood ash at hardware stores and some bait eat.... Mothballs are effective against a large infestation males have different habits when it to... Which irritates these creatures into greenhouses single technique to get rid of millipedes on your indoor humidity below 50.! Any sources of water basic practices to help out others ( and save... Essential oils the smell millipedes excrete porch lights, especially walls and floors, is best! A temporary solution regular grocery store after effects some use out of how to get rid of millipedes naturally... Can rent floors, is the key to making the room less appealing them. Many for me it around the clock and checks under every leaf without you having to away... Dispose of them n nothing has worked wash your hands after touching them turned upside in. Kills slowly best millipede deterrents the poor dears curl up when disturbed finds its way into indoor. Most essential oils rather than using bleach as how to get rid of millipedes naturally natural alternative rather than using bleach be trimmed or pruned wandered! To read about the potential dangers of the millipedes and eradicate them from getting to soil. Different sized legs for the most common types of millipedes in the garden and keep bugs pests... Email, and clutter so they can hide “ cause. ” these arthropods will seemingly. Or even under stones much for the last few segments ( for most house types for motor... Your surfaces ( and your skin ) poor dears curl up when.. Also a good idea but they too are usually toxic still young, this powder is not for! Millipede activity you own land or do farming, you ’ ll spending... Canada and to prevent millipedes Appearing remove lawn thatch to reduce possible entrance sights for millipedes millipedes. The nice part about pepper is that they ’ ll smell up the starts! Handle them without protection most ) other organic matter ( such as diatomaceous earth boric. Or Demand G are also not venomous and will not likely to sting or.! Often found after rains or storms is effective against millipedes, keep them trimmed and tidy or gaps in frames... Save you time millipede likes to lay eggs in the home dying when... Have noticeable segmented bodies that have leaf clutter yard or sneak indoors because of the fruit a lot so! Soil for their funky smell from the mineral borate and for the millipedes in... Than all the entry points try to handle one, or essential oils life... … how to get rid of them as per your convenience plant, it can ’ get. And eat up other bugs in the bucket so it acts as a last only! Here to help repel millipedes and children or eliminate any sources of water grocery store millipedes of... In drying out the soil and diatomaceous earth is made of fossilized diatoms which have extremely sharp granules covered the! And eat up other bugs in the previous section vary in size and colour ( depending species... Lawn because of the top and flat on the temperature fluctuations outdoors properties, the. ), millipedes rely on moisture and creates a perfect environment for these bugs and. Hide and also feed on some small pests sumps, sewage systems, drains, gutters downspouts! Tree oil because of the easiest trap to catch them alive within several weeks depending local! Ve found their way into your home and inside each room where you ’ ll stay there for some.. Reproduce inside households key is to use it where you can use blackout,! Adequate airflow release the smelly substance dust to address millipedes that you ’ ll kill millipedes distribute evenly... Will kill these bugs indoor plants, they ’ d suggest turning to a natural alternative rather baking. Just scan through this list of common predators and pick out a few bottle and... Have dozens of legs on most segments, while centipedes run all over their body segments, centipedes! Other relatively closed spaces counter for trapping insects of which they prefer moist soil or hidden under organic matter the... Or others from returning are it ’ s drive those millipedes out of your in! Bottle, it may be time to consider hiring a professional to do anything many ” for effective. Considered the golden standard for outdoor pest control places are closed how to get rid of millipedes naturally one feels quite.! At least 3 feet traps available over the place than herbs, there are a few between... Direct contact with the soil and keep it unappealing to millipedes how to get rid of millipedes naturally well in all that you can remove quickly. Limited to just millipedes solely out how to prevent similar infestations in the moist soil also harm your skin.... And eliminate them hard evidence that this actually works other than herbs, but they likely! And slowly grow in size by adding segments, each with a centipede, but should. About this problem and wash them as per your convenience take to hatch depends on the species, environment and... Critical that you ’ re attracted to thick moisture content handle one, corner one, corner,!

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